Counseling 911

During my internship, I sat with a woman whose anger in the session was visceral; body trembling, mouth spitting, and laser-cutting eyes. I didn’t like her, as she blamed everyone else for her problems. This time it was her kid’s fault that she’d pressed the gas pedal too hard, leading to her ultimately getting a speeding ticket.  I’dContinue reading “Counseling 911”

Dance Magic

I’m still in disbelief over the progress between the mother and daughter I saw yesterday in session. I was so relieved and touched by their openness and vulnerability that I cried. Because just last week, they wouldn’t even look at each other. And after seeing their painful pattern of attacking and shutting down, I wasn’tContinue reading “Dance Magic”

Hold Me Close

Do you ever learn something about yourself, something not so positive, and don’t quite know how to feel about it? Since I desire to work with couples, I am taking a seminar during my downtime on emotionally-focused therapy. Initially, I felt jazzed about the content, learning ways to reframe problems between couples and how toContinue reading “Hold Me Close”

I Am The Walrus

Do you know about the unreliable narrator?  IT MESSED WITH MY MIND when I first learned about it; in my eyes, it was outright wrong for a writer to be intentionally deceitful.  I naively expected writers to be the most honest reporters ever. So when I started a book myself I expected to remember, verbatim,Continue reading “I Am The Walrus”

When In Moab

I hate being manipulated. Scratch that. I hate it when someone tries to manipulate me. I’m decent at sniffing it out; I get an uncomfy feeling in my belly and like a bloodhound that’s treed a fox, there‚Äôs an arooing signal that goes off in me. Sometimes I get stuck questioning myself about it. Like,Continue reading “When In Moab”

No Water, People

I mistakenly thought the National Park Ranger’s tin container had marijuana in it, along with the necessary paraphernalia to smoke this afternoon.  However, inside was a dried string bean, an ear of corn, a shard of Obsidian, and various other rocks native to the Sedona valley – instead of the wacky tobacky. I’d later learnContinue reading “No Water, People”