Fly Like An Eagle

I cock my head, peer into the distance, and hope the words will come. Where are they? Nature doesn’t respond, and it’s certain then; my creative juices have dried up and are in an empty jug floating away to sea. Legs outstretched, food digesting, my daughter and her grandmother are gardening. It’s just me. ForContinue reading “Fly Like An Eagle”

Scribbly Dee

For those of you who don’t know Evelyn, she is my 2-year-old daughter, and here is a writing sample I found on my computer from earlier: tt5iit5iy5iyi56ko7oti66k6ioioii5okrejtji7iyiy869i7i9iiuio9ouiio8o8ii87loou7o7oooooo6777o7i7o7i7i7iii7i7iioi65vlkgisdtlytggjgkhnijgjjhjhjhtyukjiujioikopjukohpokpkthkomplgbjlpjmolj It appears she likes 7’s, o’s, and j’s. Do you ever panic when you hear water dripping, like maybe you’re in bed reading and wonder if the noiseContinue reading “Scribbly Dee”

I Am The Walrus

Do you know about the unreliable narrator?  IT MESSED WITH MY MIND when I first learned about it; in my eyes, it was outright wrong for a writer to be intentionally deceitful.  I naively expected writers to be the most honest reporters ever. So when I started a book myself I expected to remember, verbatim,Continue reading “I Am The Walrus”