Grime Scene

I hope you know the sweet satisfaction of blowing mildew and algae into obliteration with the high-powered nozzle of a pressure washer. If you don’t, you should get your feet wet – not literally – and search power washing porn on Reddit.

I admit it, I’ve been known to frequent those orgasmic videos a time or two.

The devil and angel on my shoulder must have called a truce today because there was a perfect balance between productivity and laziness.

On a walk, I saw the salmonberry bushes flowering. Their fuchsia color stood out beautifully against a sea of dark green and brown of the fir trees.

Speaking of the sea, I saw two starfish on the beach yesterday. To see one on the Washington coast is pretty rare, but two? I threw the still alive one out to deeper water. Fingers crossed it makes it.

You know how the mind can’t leave something alone? Mine’s returned to the blissful blasting action of power washing. Where the bow and belly of the canoe were once dull with grime, they now sheen like-new, and serve as a stately reminder that spring cleaning has sprung.

I found the podcast “Accelerated Spanish”. With its fun mnemonic devices and imagery, I’m much more engaged in learning Spanish than I’ve ever been. I can’t wait to get my confidence back in the coming months.

That about does it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your Saturday was everything you needed.

Love, Jaclynn

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