A Newish You

Creating a new persona is a tip I learned on an episode of “Accelerated Spanish” podcast. This alter ego is supposed to think, speak, and behave in a different way than you usually would, and the podcast creator insists switching personalities this way is a tool native speakers use to be highly effective.

I thought, well, that logic could apply to anything.

Take writing, for example. Although I’m still developing my writing persona, I’m noticing a trend. Often she is scared and uncertain, at times poetic and profound, but at the same time is very silly and playful.

Every so often, when I look back at old posts I’ve written I appreciate them as much as if they were written by someone else. I wonder if it’s because who I am as a writer is different than me as a reader.


Like Clark Kent changing into Superman, I showed up when duty called today. I’ll go ahead and check the “others can count on me” box, thank you very much.

And I just need get this off my chest: I make a lot of mistakes. Like, so many.

At a certain point, the wife, mother, therapist, writer, and who knows what other roles, all had to throw in their perfectionist towels so that I could keep my sanity.

Today I don the “I’ll do better next time” and “Please forgive me” badges on my lapel.

And were you interested in a duck happenings update?

So there is still no word on any ducklings hatching. And since the Craigslist person is MIA, I’m contemplating just buying them online at Cacklehatchery.com. Yep, you heard that right. You can buy ducks online.

I took my one and only duck Sue to the pond for a swim, his first there. Since it is a hilarious story all of its own, please stay tuned for “Duck’s Big Pond Adventure” coming soon to a post near you.

I’m sure there’s more to say, but it’s late, and I need some sleep. I hope you have enjoyed your Monday, and I’ll see you here tomorrow. 

Love, Jaclynn

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