Wayward Frogs

“Come Mama, follow me. Jump in da pud-dle!” My daughter’s imagination is legit. So I follow and jump onto a blanket that’s splayed out in the middle of the rug.

Still, people’s voices will play in my head. “That age was my favorite” and “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

Instead of helping, their words torment me. It’s like, how can I enjoy all this more than I already do?!

Today was my weekly check-in with my writing partner, Joey. His name’s come up in other posts, but I’ll say it again; to have found someone who loves writing as much as me is truly a gift.

He’s sending me a fun writing exercise tomorrow. I’ll share it here, and you can try your hand at it too. And maybe (if it makes sense) I’ll work on it here. Two birds. *Wink.

This evening, I smoked a little marijuana around a propane fire with Dave, who puffed on a cigar. Our week-long house guest, Gareth joined us too. Only after he came barreling into the driveway in a highly revved-up Mustang blasting classic rock music loud enough to drive the chicks in those old 80’s movies crazy.

We talked about Taco Bell and the science behind the seasoning. We spoke about frogs and the reason for their insistent croaking. Is it to get a mate? Or something to do with the weather? A homing beacon for wayward frogs?

Speaking of Wayward Frogs, either that’s a great band title or the name of this blog post. How about both?!

Anyway, it’s good to have somewhere to share my thoughts. Thanks for being here.

Love, Jaclynn

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