I See Dead People

For those of you not privy to the characteristics of seed swap attendees, think of a cross between Renaissance fairgoers, commune guitar pickers, and librarian tote-slinging afternoon tea drinkers. Where I fall may be a mashup of all three. As the vest-wearing creators of the event cuddled up to smile for a selfie, I imaginedContinue reading “I See Dead People”

She’s A Small Wonder

A hard parenting night, the building up of work to-do’s, and a blank mind equally block the imagination’s flow. Right now, it’s a Kraken game that’s strangling my creative juices; a goal for the opposing team with 3.3 seconds remaining tied it up. And seconds into OT, they scored again. Sports stress me out. ButContinue reading “She’s A Small Wonder”

Tree Fallin’

“I need to put water in my belly,” Evelyn said, hiccupping and running to find her glass. Remembering what my Mom used to do for me, yet unsure of its efficacy, I said, “Come on, let’s try a teaspoon full of sugar.” “Yes, sugar!” She shouted in delight. Sitting on Dave’s lap for a pre-bedtimeContinue reading “Tree Fallin’”

Damned If I

I’m that fan of myself, the one with an absurdly large number one finger on my hand, but just as quickly, I will back myself into a corner with the snarling, foaming mouth of a pit bull.  That’s because “Sometimes you’re the windshield. Sometimes you’re the bug.” For part of today, I felt like a big, red,Continue reading “Damned If I”

Wayward Frogs

“Come Mama, follow me. Jump in da pud-dle!” My daughter’s imagination is legit. So I follow and jump onto a blanket that’s splayed out in the middle of the rug. Still, people’s voices will play in my head. “That age was my favorite” and “Enjoy it while it lasts.” Instead of helping, their words tormentContinue reading “Wayward Frogs”

Scribbly Dee

For those of you who don’t know Evelyn, she is my 2-year-old daughter, and here is a writing sample I found on my computer from earlier: tt5iit5iy5iyi56ko7oti66k6ioioii5okrejtji7iyiy869i7i9iiuio9ouiio8o8ii87loou7o7oooooo6777o7i7o7i7i7iii7i7iioi65vlkgisdtlytggjgkhnijgjjhjhjhtyukjiujioikopjukohpokpkthkomplgbjlpjmolj It appears she likes 7’s, o’s, and j’s. Do you ever panic when you hear water dripping, like maybe you’re in bed reading and wonder if the noiseContinue reading “Scribbly Dee”