Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Instead of saying, “I miss him so much,” or “I’m so angry,” try seeing what happens when you change it to, “Something in me misses him so much,” or “Something in me is so angry.” I like exercises that can shift my perspective. Especially when they take an eclipsing experience and shave it down toContinue reading “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”

Boss Stage Healing

At recess in 5th, maybe 6th grade, I used to jump rope double-dutch. If you’ve never held your hands up to catch the rhythm of the ropes, rushed into the eye of the slapping lasso, stutter-stepped until panting, then raced out to survive the whip of the cord, you’ve missed quite a thrill, as wellContinue reading “Boss Stage Healing”

No Escape From Reality

I’m very against bragging. I’d stand on a pulpit, wave my fist and lament how doing so is a failing to our most supreme sensibilities. And yet, is it all that wrong to talk oneself up or feel prideful in something done well? I become uninterested quickly. While writing this post, I picked up myContinue reading “No Escape From Reality”

Save The Clock Tower

There was an ominous leaf on my car’s hood this evening. As I searched the pitch-black parking lot for a shadowy figure, I pulled the car’s handle to shine the dome light and hurriedly closed the door behind me out of protection. Just a leaf. Not quite the newspaper cut-out ransom note my mind conjuredContinue reading “Save The Clock Tower”

Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise

This week’s writing exercise is about putting oneself into another’s perspective. To process the disgusted, self-righteous, and defensive feelings I had of a memory of a man, I decided to write from his perspective in hopes of understanding his motivations. It’s Friday. Two of my boys are dropping by work later. I can’t forget toContinue reading “Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise”

Chicken Potty Pie

I’m going to tell on myself: When scrubbing chicken poop off the outdoor furniture this morning, I thought, “I am better than her,” while playing a girlfriend’s behavior in my mind’s eye. You heard me right, chicken poop. That dang domesticated rooster is at the point he mosies in the front and back door likeContinue reading “Chicken Potty Pie”