Save The Clock Tower

There was an ominous leaf on my car’s hood this evening. As I searched the pitch-black parking lot for a shadowy figure, I pulled the car’s handle to shine the dome light and hurriedly closed the door behind me out of protection.

Just a leaf. Not quite the newspaper cut-out ransom note my mind conjured in the .0001 of a second.

How boring life is. But also sad.

I saw a dead deer on the side of the road tonight. Even telling this news to Dave started my eyes watering. With this area’s housing development, there’s only a little room for larger wildlife to wander. So earlier this summer, when I saw a Mama with two babes, my heart leaped with joy. Over the past few months, I’ve seen them frequently on the side of the road, worried about them, but ultimately felt grateful they were navigating the bustling roadways well.

Until tonight.

You might say, and I’d agree, that if there are babies, there must be a buck. So I have the teeniest bit of hope there are more deer. But still, damn it.

I wore a cute new pleated, pink skirt to work today. I felt fancy. For part of the day, however, the underlayer was tucked in my underwear, which is less fancy but par for the course for being me.

Note to self; I need to peel those twelve potatoes in the morning and do other prep work for Zuppa Toscana soup. I know the more I do now, the less burdened I’ll be with Halloween party prep stuff at the week’s end. That seems healthy of me, right?

Lastly, before I came upstairs to write a movement caught my eye. A narrow black figure. I stood to inspect and found a tiny salamander inching across the floor. At first, he looked hobbled, like he was missing a foot. But all fingers were accounted for once he hopped on my finished plate of food.

He now rests comfortably on an actual outdoor plant.

Well, that does it for me tonight. I hope your Tuesday was terrific. Love, Jaclynn

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