I See Dead People

For those of you not privy to the characteristics of seed swap attendees, think of a cross between Renaissance fairgoers, commune guitar pickers, and librarian tote-slinging afternoon tea drinkers. Where I fall may be a mashup of all three. As the vest-wearing creators of the event cuddled up to smile for a selfie, I imaginedContinue reading “I See Dead People”

Save The Clock Tower

There was an ominous leaf on my car’s hood this evening. As I searched the pitch-black parking lot for a shadowy figure, I pulled the car’s handle to shine the dome light and hurriedly closed the door behind me out of protection. Just a leaf. Not quite the newspaper cut-out ransom note my mind conjuredContinue reading “Save The Clock Tower”

Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise

This week’s writing exercise is about putting oneself into another’s perspective. To process the disgusted, self-righteous, and defensive feelings I had of a memory of a man, I decided to write from his perspective in hopes of understanding his motivations. It’s Friday. Two of my boys are dropping by work later. I can’t forget toContinue reading “Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise”

Counseling 911

During my internship, I sat with a woman whose anger in the session was visceral; body trembling, mouth spitting, and laser-cutting eyes. I didn’t like her, as she blamed everyone else for her problems. This time it was her kid’s fault that she’d pressed the gas pedal too hard, leading to her ultimately getting a speeding ticket.  I’dContinue reading “Counseling 911”

Feels For Reals

“I’m feeling anxious and stressed.” I nodded, stood, and walked to grab my “Mixed Emotions” card deck from a shelf in my office. “Anything else you’re feeling?” I asked in the midst of handing over the 77 images accompanied with various experiences, then directed him to make two piles, one affirming the emotion and theContinue reading “Feels For Reals”

Worry Warthog

I try to calm myself with it’s ok, and just breathe, but in this moment, my internal 12-year-old is running the show, sticking their tongue out with fingers in their ears while saying, “Not listening.” With a magnetic attraction of a mob to the word “fight,” my adrenaline kicks in. Then all at once, uninvitedContinue reading “Worry Warthog”

Fight For Your Right

Do you ever want to bitch, rant, stomp your feet and scream at the top of your lungs about something or someone until…like, forever? I do. All the freaking time! It’s hard being me; just an upstanding citizen on the verge of going full Karen all the time. I had a call earlier with anContinue reading “Fight For Your Right”