M M M My Sharona

My mind’s been shaking, not stirring lately. It’s like I can’t find a place to sit and rest without having to jump up and run for a door jam. The aftershocks just refuse to quit.

Sometimes I wonder how a perfect stranger is interested in what I have to say, but after reading the blog, The Sober Venture, I get it.

The author’s words painted a picture my mind could easily conjure. Her thought process left arrows and a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. And her “Yeah, Becky. Like, that’ll work,” in response to her therapist’s advice about drinking only one glass of wine instead of a full glass of whiskey, made me shake my head and grin.

But since she hasn’t posted anything since last November I had to comment. “You’re so excellent. Please write more.”

I love telling people how proud I am of them. Especially the look I sometimes get in return. It’s a mix of a soft face-melt paired with coy, batty eyes.

Don’t we all need that? A few more kudos, praises, and you’re-doing-greats in our lives?

I know I do.

Also, remember how I mentioned my writing partner was sending an exercise?

Well, here it is: https://soundcloud.com/timclare/100-day-writing-challenge-day-47?in=timclare/sets/100-day-writing-challenge&utm_source=mobi&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Play along with us!

Anyway, here’s hoping that whatever I do in the next four days away from work will get me my mojo back.

Thanks for stopping by. Love, Jaclynn

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