Dream Weaver

I need around $200,000 to accidentally land in my lap. Give or take a hundred thousand.

Dreaming about house upgrades is fun, but the expense of it all feels like burning cash in a bonfire.

But since I’m here, I might as well play with the money I made from all my hotels on Boardwalk Avenue.

So first, I’d sledgehammer out the wall in the bedroom and put in a super awesome patio with glass doors. You know the ones that swanky bars have where you can pull them back, and a whole car will fit through? That’s what I want.

And while we’re at it, an indoor/outdoor wood fireplace, tv/sound system set up, and Jacuzzi.

Wait, problem! Since the bedroom is upstairs, will we need a pulley system to get wood up there?

Then the entire bathroom will be redone; fancy mood lighting, a waterfall shower head, jet bathtub, and floating shelves/decor/pictures that say, “Stay awhile, we got you. Let the day’s worries rinse off you like water off a duck’s back.”

Speaking of duck, however cute he his sitting on the front porch doormat, his poop is not. Ever experienced a duck pooping, by the way? It’s like oatmeal pudding being blasted out of a whoopee cushion.

So there’s that too.

Today, I decided to re-up my supply of chocolate-covered strawberries and super comfy bras from Costco. Might as well go all out, eh? It is, after all, Mother’s Day on Sunday.

And I’ve been having some thoughts about the Johnny Depp/Amanda Heard trial. It hurts my heart hearing how awful two people can be to one another. Yet, it’s just as hard observing the public’s opinion of it all. But like Dave said, “There are more people with nuanced views. But their voices aren’t amplified in the same way.”

Yeah, I hear ya.

Ok, that’s all. Happy Saturday! Love, Jaclynn

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