Dull To Dramatic: A Writing Exercise

This week’s writing exercise was to write one bland and one exciting story. I loved Houdini-ing words and laying the drama on thick with this one. Pardon grammatical or punctuation errors; it’s an exercise, after all. Boring With my cart leading and one item on my list to get, I turned the corner, pencil inContinue reading “Dull To Dramatic: A Writing Exercise”

Who Am I?: A Writing Exercise

The following is in response to a “Who You Are As A Writer” exercise. I write for the long inhale of a four-inch line of cocaine; the shake your head, “huzzah!” moment, where all the dust shakes loose and the wind-up ballerina circles to her melody. I write unsure like a first-time actor cast inContinue reading “Who Am I?: A Writing Exercise”

Book Writing Blues

Until my fingers hit the keyboard, I’m not writing; I’m doing what’s referred to as thinking about writing. It’s an inevitable trap to which many a writer falls victim. Its forsaken oubliette is filled with nothing more than angst, despair, and hopelessness. But in actual writing? There is a promise, a light in the darkness,Continue reading “Book Writing Blues”

The Door: A Writing Exercise

The following is a writing exercise that involves making a new poem or story from a combination of adream-state and a prompted imagination using a method somewhat like self-hypnosis. A link to the exercise is above. The door is nothing special, except for the vibrance of its blue color. With painter’s tape, I’d lined itsContinue reading “The Door: A Writing Exercise”

Show ‘Em! – A Writing Exercise

Do you recall the writing exercise I mentioned the other day? The one designed to get the reader to fill in the blanks as the writer tries to convey emotion through action? I thought I’d share the one I did for my post today. Her body buzzes like it isn’t hers. The pressure in her forehead andContinue reading “Show ‘Em! – A Writing Exercise”

A Newish You

Creating a new persona is a tip I learned on an episode of “Accelerated Spanish” podcast. This alter ego is supposed to think, speak, and behave in a different way than you usually would, and the podcast creator insists switching personalities this way is a tool native speakers use to be highly effective. I thought,Continue reading “A Newish You”

Fly Like An Eagle

I cock my head, peer into the distance, and hope the words will come. Where are they? Nature doesn’t respond, and it’s certain then; my creative juices have dried up and are in an empty jug floating away to sea. Legs outstretched, food digesting, my daughter and her grandmother are gardening. It’s just me. ForContinue reading “Fly Like An Eagle”