Dull To Dramatic: A Writing Exercise

This week’s writing exercise was to write one bland and one exciting story. I loved Houdini-ing words and laying the drama on thick with this one. Pardon grammatical or punctuation errors; it’s an exercise, after all. Boring With my cart leading and one item on my list to get, I turned the corner, pencil inContinue reading “Dull To Dramatic: A Writing Exercise”

The Giraffe: A Writing Exercise

You’re sitting at a bar with a giraffe. What are you discussing? What are you drinking? What is the giraffe drinking? What’s the tone of the conversation? Write a page-long short story giving us the details of this encounter, and, most importantly, let your imagination run wild here. “I think it’s great, you migrating hereContinue reading “The Giraffe: A Writing Exercise”

Show ‘Em, Don’t Tell: A Writing Exercise

Choose one of the following: “Describe the gunky stuff that gets caught in the basket at the bottom of the sink. Don’t use the words disgusting or gross.” “Chris walks into a room. By describing only the reactions of the others in the room, let us know something about him.” “Some people can’t smell. In one paragraph, makeContinue reading “Show ‘Em, Don’t Tell: A Writing Exercise”

Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise

This week’s writing exercise is about putting oneself into another’s perspective. To process the disgusted, self-righteous, and defensive feelings I had of a memory of a man, I decided to write from his perspective in hopes of understanding his motivations. It’s Friday. Two of my boys are dropping by work later. I can’t forget toContinue reading “Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise”

Future Self Exercise

Future Me: I was out in the garden when you called. What’s up?Present Me: There’s this writing exercise that I was supposed to do last week but didn’t. I’m on day three of vacation and had some time to talk to you.Future Me: Really? Cool! What’s it about?Present Me: It’s a ten-minute conversation. About whereContinue reading “Future Self Exercise”

Who Am I?: A Writing Exercise

The following is in response to a “Who You Are As A Writer” exercise. I write for the long inhale of a four-inch line of cocaine; the shake your head, “huzzah!” moment, where all the dust shakes loose and the wind-up ballerina circles to her melody. I write unsure like a first-time actor cast inContinue reading “Who Am I?: A Writing Exercise”

Writing Exercise: The Mirror

The writing exercise for last week asked me to look in the mirror for ten minutes. If this also isn’t in your comfort zone, you can empathize with my wanting to avoid it at all costs. But for the sake of the word, that is my god I dutifully abided. If you’re interested in playingContinue reading “Writing Exercise: The Mirror”