Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise

This week’s writing exercise is about putting oneself into another’s perspective. To process the disgusted, self-righteous, and defensive feelings I had of a memory of a man, I decided to write from his perspective in hopes of understanding his motivations. It’s Friday. Two of my boys are dropping by work later. I can’t forget toContinue reading “Walk A Mile: A Writing Exercise”

Sit Ubu, Sit

“Don’t fight the test” is a figure of speech I tell myself when I need to back off. Years ago, when studying for the National Mental Health Counseling Examination, I kept running into answers with which I disagreed. Whenever I encountered one, I’d jump out of my chair, storm into my supervisor’s office, and shareContinue reading “Sit Ubu, Sit”

Final Thoughts

Suicide notes, one of the final actions of a person’s life, have always interested me. I recently found a study that analyzed 23 suicide notes with the goal of adding to the literature on suicide prevention. The results showed that over 80% of the notes included shame, guilt, or an apology in their contents. WhichContinue reading “Final Thoughts”

Breaking Bad’s Barrier

I’m at a loss on what to write about tonight, so perhaps I’ll start with the weather: It rained like crazy today. Oh, but then the sun broke through. For a moment. Then it vanished. I recall it raining a bunch more. And oddly enough the sun came again. But not to fear, it’s rainingContinue reading “Breaking Bad’s Barrier”

Wish You Were Here

With twenty minutes to go until the next counseling session, I’m sitting on a blue and white accent chair with my left leg crossed over my right, and I’m chuckling about a phone call that’s just ended.  “I found the perfect therapist, but it’s too far of a drive and they don’t accept my insurance.”Continue reading “Wish You Were Here”

Butterfly In The Sky

Needing an electrician for the parking lot of the building I work, the owner asked me if I knew anyone. “My Uncle,” I told him. Seeing someone I’m so fond of at my work both yesterday and today was lovely, even if he was 11-feet up on a ladder and relegated to the back parkingContinue reading “Butterfly In The Sky”

Hate Me Today

“I Hope You’re Happy” is playing on the record player. It’s a newer album, put out by the band Blue October, and my mind is awhirl with thoughts of the past. On a gum stick-sized Mp3 player close to 20 years ago, Blue October’s music played non-stop in my ears on hikes up Manastash Ridge,Continue reading “Hate Me Today”