Merry Xmas Ya Filthy Animals

Hearing fuck repeatedly fly from the mouth of my 3-year-old as she struggled to put the Frozen II Monopoly lid box on made me question my parenting choices. I’m the verbal assaulter in the family. I sling effs, and sh**s around with the frequency of a prison inmate knowing one of their biscuits is missing.Continue reading “Merry Xmas Ya Filthy Animals”

Round Here

“Self-discovery through reading is often revelatory and freeing, but not always pleasant. It makes us look within, and that is sometimes painful.” This is from “The Power of Habit,” the book I started reading yesterday. Being human is complicated. I can interpret the events in my life through totally different lenses; sometimes, I see myselfContinue reading “Round Here”

Hate Me Today

“I Hope You’re Happy” is playing on the record player. It’s a newer album, put out by the band Blue October, and my mind is awhirl with thoughts of the past. On a gum stick-sized Mp3 player close to 20 years ago, Blue October’s music played non-stop in my ears on hikes up Manastash Ridge,Continue reading “Hate Me Today”