A Journey to Self-Love: A Letter

I am elevating a voice I hope reaches the tiptops of mountains and the sea’s murkiest depths. Love, Jaclynn I love you! ❤️ You are one of my dearest friends, and I hope you stay that way for years and years to come. I cherish our relationship and the conversations we have. If it’s okay,Continue reading “A Journey to Self-Love: A Letter”

Photo Forgiveness Finish

I once believed forgiveness to be an action performed, like waving a magic wand and saying, “Alakazam! Forgiven!” But like Yoda explained, “The path to forgiveness, this is not.” While looking through photos for a blog post, I ran across a picture of an ex-boyfriend last night. My knee-jerk reaction up until that point hadContinue reading “Photo Forgiveness Finish”

May Day! May Day!

How is it possible to feel like I’m drowning and want to escape life’s constant demands while at the same time picking myself up and plugging away instead? Is it the responsibility I feel towards other people? Do I know the feeling will likely be temporary? Or is it that by now, even if it’sContinue reading “May Day! May Day!”

Round Here

“Self-discovery through reading is often revelatory and freeing, but not always pleasant. It makes us look within, and that is sometimes painful.” This is from “The Power of Habit,” the book I started reading yesterday. Being human is complicated. I can interpret the events in my life through totally different lenses; sometimes, I see myselfContinue reading “Round Here”