Case Of The Mondays

I’m not a fan of the word job, or what it means when I have a job to do. Take writing, for instance; usually, it’s a beautiful retreat in the Catskills at a riverfront AirBnB fit with a hot tub, 500-thread count sheets, and a squeak-less porch swing.  But for some reason, today, writing is work.Continue reading “Case Of The Mondays”

May Day! May Day!

How is it possible to feel like I’m drowning and want to escape life’s constant demands while at the same time picking myself up and plugging away instead? Is it the responsibility I feel towards other people? Do I know the feeling will likely be temporary? Or is it that by now, even if it’sContinue reading “May Day! May Day!”

Orchestratic Event

Our words have power; they can shake the ground someone walks on and can pierce into a person’s heart.  “Either you intentionally decide to drink yourself to death, or you’re going to fight to live. Do one or other, but you have to quit doing both half-assed.” This is the wake-up call I gave aContinue reading “Orchestratic Event”

Wish You Were Here

With twenty minutes to go until the next counseling session, I’m sitting on a blue and white accent chair with my left leg crossed over my right, and I’m chuckling about a phone call that’s just ended.  “I found the perfect therapist, but it’s too far of a drive and they don’t accept my insurance.”Continue reading “Wish You Were Here”