Keep Your Hands To Yourself

The farty smell in the laundry room, which I solved last week but didn’t, is no more. In bending to clean behind the dryer, my bird-dog nose sniffed a scent that, if in cartoon land, my face would turn green, and I’d fall over with x’s in my eyes.  We have two washer drains IContinue reading “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”

Toddler Talk #1

A once-blank journal rests on a ledge above the piano. Once-blank, you ask? Yep, but it’s starting to fill fast. For 950 days, the “The Kids Say the Darndest Things” diary has sat waiting for Evelyn-isms to spring forth, and although it’s still far too early in the talking race, I thought I’d share a few.Continue reading “Toddler Talk #1”

May Day! May Day!

How is it possible to feel like I’m drowning and want to escape life’s constant demands while at the same time picking myself up and plugging away instead? Is it the responsibility I feel towards other people? Do I know the feeling will likely be temporary? Or is it that by now, even if it’sContinue reading “May Day! May Day!”