You’re So Vain

Aren’t we all doing the best we can? You might disagree, and that’d be alright cause we all know your Uncle Joe could be doing better.

I tried that sentence on Dave to see if it’s funny. He gave a hearty laugh with a, “Well, yeah, that’s because I have an Uncle Joe, and he probably could be doing better.”

I’d like to slip out in the middle of the night, place the car into neutral, roll it out of the garage so its engine won’t wake anybody, and then turn the key and go. Where? Who knows, but the need to escape is strong in this one.

There’s so much wrong with my made-up scenario.

For one, the car I’d take is electric, so it runs quieter than a whisper, and a fob and a button are all it takes to start ‘er up these days. (Dang you, outdated references!)

And like I told Dave, just because I want to run away doesn’t mean it’s personal. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a jittery bouncy feeling in my chest where I worry about monotony and getting stuck somewhere I don’t want to be.

I think the question I need to ask myself is; where in your life are you stuck?

Well, great question. My thoughts landed on personal care things like getting a haircut and buying some new clothes. Which makes sense. I did the math, and it’s been nine months since I did a fancy thing for myself. I remember it clearly, October 21, 2021, when I also picked up free tickets to a James Taylor and Jackson Browne concert.

Oh, how I miss the days when I lived a mile away from a super-sized second-hand store. I knew the 50% yellow tag days by heart, and almost always walked out there with a steal of a deal.

Oooh! There’s a Goodwill by my parents, and we’re heading there tomorrow to swim, eat salmon, and have together time; maybe I’ll be able to sneak off like Clark Kent and turn myself into Sweet Savings Sally.

Full disclosure, I’m not impressed with this post. My usual response of infatuation and batting of the eyes to reading what I’ve written is simply not happening. I don’t know what I can do to save it, as it’s almost over.

How about a joke – the best joke that’s ever been?!

I went to the doctor recently
He said: “Don’t eat anything fatty.”
I said: “Ok, I’ll stick to eating fruits and veggies.”
He said, “No. fatty don’t eat anything.”

I think that saved it, don’t you?

Love, Jaclynn

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