The Tale of The Teeniest Rubber Chicken

Eyes sunk deep in their sockets, I trudge myself to work. Last night’s D&D session 11 pm, followed by writing and yoga, led to a late night for this sweet body of mine. I felt it, too, like a hangover. Still, when arriving at my office, snaking through its corners, and flipping on lights, IContinue reading “The Tale of The Teeniest Rubber Chicken”

Bada Bing, Bada Boom

“I don’t like ’em. It’s not only the mush, but the firm. Like, pick a side, ya know?” A Tony Soprano-like client’s negative feelings towards mushrooms made the tea almost come out of my mouth and back into the cup. Thankfully I’m used to his humor. I also learned how clients cook their annual turkeys,Continue reading “Bada Bing, Bada Boom”

Nitwit Lice Lessons

I pushed six wheelbarrows full of browning and yellowing fallen leaves into the slippery, muddy muck of the duck pen. Not often do the ducks wag their tails, but at seeing the piles of leaves, their back ends happily swished to and fro like fans on a hot day.  Did you know that lice eggsContinue reading “Nitwit Lice Lessons”

No Escape From Reality

I’m very against bragging. I’d stand on a pulpit, wave my fist and lament how doing so is a failing to our most supreme sensibilities. And yet, is it all that wrong to talk oneself up or feel prideful in something done well? I become uninterested quickly. While writing this post, I picked up myContinue reading “No Escape From Reality”

Tree Fallin’

“I need to put water in my belly,” Evelyn said, hiccupping and running to find her glass. Remembering what my Mom used to do for me, yet unsure of its efficacy, I said, “Come on, let’s try a teaspoon full of sugar.” “Yes, sugar!” She shouted in delight. Sitting on Dave’s lap for a pre-bedtimeContinue reading “Tree Fallin’”