The Tale of The Teeniest Rubber Chicken

Eyes sunk deep in their sockets, I trudge myself to work. Last night’s D&D session 11 pm, followed by writing and yoga, led to a late night for this sweet body of mine. I felt it, too, like a hangover. Still, when arriving at my office, snaking through its corners, and flipping on lights, IContinue reading “The Tale of The Teeniest Rubber Chicken”

Litter Of Critters

Seeing the evidence of her disdain in session, panicky eyes, scrunching face like she’d eaten something rotten, and the defensive tone she used, it was evident how much a client I see hates how their mom nitpicks their clothes choices. But why, if the mom gets such a negative response from her daughter, does sheContinue reading “Litter Of Critters”

Chicken Potty Pie

I’m going to tell on myself: When scrubbing chicken poop off the outdoor furniture this morning, I thought, “I am better than her,” while playing a girlfriend’s behavior in my mind’s eye. You heard me right, chicken poop. That dang domesticated rooster is at the point he mosies in the front and back door likeContinue reading “Chicken Potty Pie”

Future Self Exercise

Future Me: I was out in the garden when you called. What’s up?Present Me: There’s this writing exercise that I was supposed to do last week but didn’t. I’m on day three of vacation and had some time to talk to you.Future Me: Really? Cool! What’s it about?Present Me: It’s a ten-minute conversation. About whereContinue reading “Future Self Exercise”

Self-Actualization: 101

In “What Dreams May Come,” Robin Williams’ character descends into the most profound depth of hell to retrieve his dead wife after she commits suicide. The story is unbelievably moving, so moving that today in session, just talking about it shook my body with chills and caused me to tear up.  I wonder, what makesContinue reading “Self-Actualization: 101”

Dance Magic

I’m still in disbelief over the progress between the mother and daughter I saw yesterday in session. I was so relieved and touched by their openness and vulnerability that I cried. Because just last week, they wouldn’t even look at each other. And after seeing their painful pattern of attacking and shutting down, I wasn’tContinue reading “Dance Magic”

Hold Me Close

Do you ever learn something about yourself, something not so positive, and don’t quite know how to feel about it? Since I desire to work with couples, I am taking a seminar during my downtime on emotionally-focused therapy. Initially, I felt jazzed about the content, learning ways to reframe problems between couples and how toContinue reading “Hold Me Close”

Breaking Bad’s Barrier

I’m at a loss on what to write about tonight, so perhaps I’ll start with the weather: It rained like crazy today. Oh, but then the sun broke through. For a moment. Then it vanished. I recall it raining a bunch more. And oddly enough the sun came again. But not to fear, it’s rainingContinue reading “Breaking Bad’s Barrier”