The Transcendent Trope

Her tea shop offers the finest loose leaves bundled in worldly weighs. Madame Emille, I believe was her name, also owned an exquisite chocolate shop in a well-trodden alley. Vivid silver threads fizzled through her course black hair and bare feet peeked out of a floor-length red dress. I never met her, but the smokyContinue reading “The Transcendent Trope”

Middle-Aged Lady Rap

I’m a midnight grinder, a shamrock finder, got a calendar, don’t need a reminder. I’m built Ford tough, edges rough, whenever I’m hot springin’ it’s in the buff. I down my steak rare, am a baller at foursquare, you better believe I oppose the electric chair. I’ve never had a gallstone, send messages via Iphone,Continue reading “Middle-Aged Lady Rap”

We Are The Champions

“Good luck,” they say, pedaling lightly backward, hand patting for the nob, it turns, “You’ll have your work cut out with this one.” Then the door slams. I’m given the troublemakers, the ones that can’t be helped.  They come to me diagnosed, undisciplined, and dirty. The razors to the wrists and manufactured poisons have renderedContinue reading “We Are The Champions”

Namby Pamby: A Poem

I write out of spite, not delight. A kite? I’d fly it to the stars. Or Mars. It’s up to the string—a thing that certainly would knot. Or not. A pig pile of stuffed animals wrastled for the pyramid’s top. Stop—nothing to see here. Listen close. The drip of rain, it’ll stain. But only ifContinue reading “Namby Pamby: A Poem”

Insane In The Me-Brain

I tiptoed with madness and danced with her on that crisp autumn day. Opening my arms wide, I said, “Come what may.” What an elixir-like beauty she had! My mouth held agape with wonder at the yellows, reds, and the oranges in her eyes. In the Van Gogh swirl of it all, infinite’s dream pausedContinue reading “Insane In The Me-Brain”

Maria Maria

A thousand tries, cries, and wondering whys.The night shift clocks out earlyno one goes home.Under the sun is a world.That glimpses the shimmering fairy.And a light feeling tickles the toes.Candle wax is melted and stamped.An invitation is hand-delivered.Then a gentle knock. The door opens.An amber light glows, and energy flows.Then a Voice comes:“It wasn’t allContinue reading “Maria Maria”