No Escape From Reality

I’m very against bragging. I’d stand on a pulpit, wave my fist and lament how doing so is a failing to our most supreme sensibilities. And yet, is it all that wrong to talk oneself up or feel prideful in something done well? I become uninterested quickly. While writing this post, I picked up myContinue reading “No Escape From Reality”

She’s Going The Distance

I’m back from a 40-minute in-between session walk through construction zones and sleepy rural areas. Two white-haired women, one sitting on her bum legs out like a child playing with their toys, worked in her garden, whereas another held her phone up and took directions from YouTube to spray paint two pieces of furniture anContinue reading “She’s Going The Distance”

Sit Ubu, Sit

“Don’t fight the test” is a figure of speech I tell myself when I need to back off. Years ago, when studying for the National Mental Health Counseling Examination, I kept running into answers with which I disagreed. Whenever I encountered one, I’d jump out of my chair, storm into my supervisor’s office, and shareContinue reading “Sit Ubu, Sit”