I Got A New Attitude

How do we change our have-to’s to want-to’s? I’m taking my resolutions slow and steady in the spirit of starting and ending 2023 like the tortoise. Twenty push-ups by December 31st means I have a long way to go. To see just how far, I dropped to the floor to see and squeezed out oneContinue reading “I Got A New Attitude”

Sit Ubu, Sit

“Don’t fight the test” is a figure of speech I tell myself when I need to back off. Years ago, when studying for the National Mental Health Counseling Examination, I kept running into answers with which I disagreed. Whenever I encountered one, I’d jump out of my chair, storm into my supervisor’s office, and shareContinue reading “Sit Ubu, Sit”

Reflections Of You And Me

As with any discipline, writing daily hasn’t always been easy. There are good days, bad days, and in-between days.  Today’s post marks 50 day’s blogging in a row! Also, out of 2022’s 85 days, I’ve only missed two. But who’s counting, right?! I’d like to reflect on my time here so far, so reflect IContinue reading “Reflections Of You And Me”