I Got A New Attitude

How do we change our have-to’s to want-to’s? I’m taking my resolutions slow and steady in the spirit of starting and ending 2023 like the tortoise. Twenty push-ups by December 31st means I have a long way to go. To see just how far, I dropped to the floor to see and squeezed out oneContinue reading “I Got A New Attitude”

Stick With It

My mother’s memory shook her disapproving head at the amount of shampoo I placed on my hand and lathered into my hair moments ago. Were you also taught not to be wasteful in specific areas of the household? It’s funny how those tidbits stick with you. And how, even though I’m a million light-years awayContinue reading “Stick With It”

Choose Your Own Adventure!

I wonder, is it possible to not care about likes and followers? Or to not seek validation from others? If there is, I have yet to figure it out. Speaking of, I told a woman she was an idiot today. Twice. And then I followed it with a thumbs up, er, I mean my middleContinue reading “Choose Your Own Adventure!”

You, The Creator

With the skill of an artist’s touch on canvas, or a piece of fabric, or a block, or a blank page, something emerges, something within expressed outwardly, as if by magic. I’m no magician, but sometimes when the moon is in its waxing phase, and all the children are resting soundly in their beds, IContinue reading “You, The Creator”