Droopy: A Poem

Droopy, the eighth dwarf, weathered and calcified from the sun’s careless beating. Droopy, a drop lowering, a waxy wave of wonder. A candle too hot to return to itself flows into something anew. A feeble-bodied waterless man of the desert, pulling, clawing forward disappears. A swayed back horse out to pasture, the golden years thatContinue reading “Droopy: A Poem”

Middle-Aged Lady Rap

I’m a midnight grinder, a shamrock finder, got a calendar, don’t need a reminder. I’m built Ford tough, edges rough, whenever I’m hot springin’ it’s in the buff. I down my steak rare, am a baller at foursquare, you better believe I oppose the electric chair. I’ve never had a gallstone, send messages via Iphone,Continue reading “Middle-Aged Lady Rap”

Intimacy’s Devilish Dance: A Poem

Shrouded with barbed wire, we trudge the land of the untouchable. Enter At Your Own Risk, the scalding caldrons seem to say, oozing forth with frothing anticipation. A Venus Fly Trap, its tendrils hypnotize and tempt, then snap tight its kill. A funhouse mirror twists the thin to swirly and morphs whispers to screams. AContinue reading “Intimacy’s Devilish Dance: A Poem”

As It Seems: A Poem

Why am I such a miserable fool? The mutterings echo off the toilet bowl-stained limestone. I dream of freshly laundered linens and rose hip-oiled loins, the ones found in decadent masquerade parties where bowls of keys promise the mysterious. Take my hand, and we’ll run with our dresses flowing like scarves. How naive we’ll beContinue reading “As It Seems: A Poem”

Somewhere With You

Heading to Toronto, riding the rails. Strands of lights under eaves brighten the shadows. I step into the light of which I’m not. Oddly lovely are the people. A stranger in the cafeteria can’t cope with being known. That blonde, of course she sees, the hate within her like gun powder. A conveyor belt toContinue reading “Somewhere With You”

Maria Maria

A thousand tries, cries, and wondering whys.The night shift clocks out earlyno one goes home.Under the sun is a world.That glimpses the shimmering fairy.And a light feeling tickles the toes.Candle wax is melted and stamped.An invitation is hand-delivered.Then a gentle knock. The door opens.An amber light glows, and energy flows.Then a Voice comes:“It wasn’t allContinue reading “Maria Maria”

A Gentle Ride

There’s a leaf; it looks like a moth, feet gripping to the side of a cedar. March’s chill reminds me still that it’s fall, not spring. I take a breath, a long and heavy breath, to release my previous session. I reset and forget and feel the comfort of my bed from underneath me. TheContinue reading “A Gentle Ride”