The Ethics of Ethics

To satisfy Washington state’s licensure requirements, I must complete 36 hours of continuing education credits every two years, six of which must be in ethics.  As passionate as I am about my counseling profession, I fear nothing more than getting reported to the department of health. Due to this, it’s significant that I am awareContinue reading “The Ethics of Ethics”

Hold Me Close

Do you ever learn something about yourself, something not so positive, and don’t quite know how to feel about it? Since I desire to work with couples, I am taking a seminar during my downtime on emotionally-focused therapy. Initially, I felt jazzed about the content, learning ways to reframe problems between couples and how toContinue reading “Hold Me Close”

Orchestratic Event

Our words have power; they can shake the ground someone walks on and can pierce into a person’s heart.  “Either you intentionally decide to drink yourself to death, or you’re going to fight to live. Do one or other, but you have to quit doing both half-assed.” This is the wake-up call I gave aContinue reading “Orchestratic Event”

Wish You Were Here

With twenty minutes to go until the next counseling session, I’m sitting on a blue and white accent chair with my left leg crossed over my right, and I’m chuckling about a phone call that’s just ended.  “I found the perfect therapist, but it’s too far of a drive and they don’t accept my insurance.”Continue reading “Wish You Were Here”