Close Up

Do you think we, as a species, take ourselves too seriously?

I do. Yet it’s funny because even as I’m mulling over the idea, there’s a large part of me that wants to argue the point about how serious a matter it is.

But setting that aside for a moment, do you get just how short our life spans are?

They’re a blink. In the geological time scale, we are just barely a freaking blink.

So you’d think we could do a better job of enjoying it more often and being kinder to one another.

Needless to say, today was a tough day at work. It was a good day but challenging.

I met with three new people for therapy, and it’s kind of crazy how quickly I start caring for them. It’s like, within seconds, I find myself tuning in to their quirks, mannerisms, and unique style and begin connecting and relating them as if they were my son or daughter.

But when the hard stuff comes up, as it inevitably does, it tugs hard on my heartstrings. Knowing the lovely person sitting across from me has been hurt that much just plain sucks.

Dang your sentimentality, Jaclynn!

Oh well, it’s what makes me good at what I do, so I suppose I’ll keep it.

All that is to say I don’t think I want to waste time watching Best Picture nominees. Except for “Nightmare Alley”. A trusted friend recommended it, and he believes it could win. So I’ll give it a shot and get back to you. Likely this weekend.

My eyes are so heavy. There’s a lot still on my heart, but it’ll need to wait for another day.

I need sleep. I have another long day with clients tomorrow.

Farewell. Love, Jaclynn.

(This post’s image is the view from my office.)

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