Reviewer Extraordinaire

Have I told you how much I love Buy Nothing, the Facebook group where people list items for free, and it’s all within your community? Well, I am now, and I’m here to say: I. Freaking. Love. It.

So you know, we got our fancy toaster, guest room dresser, James Taylor concert tickets, toddler bed, clothes, books, and so much more from Buy Nothing.

Wow, huh?

We’ve also given a lot to the group because, well, that’s how the community works.

I love this model of distributing material things far better than purchasing from stores. For one, it creates less waste, two, it builds community, and three, well, it’s fun.

I’m picking up brand new Tom’s shoes for myself tomorrow, and I’m pretty stoked. They look slick.

So I saw ” Licorice Pizza ” in my quest to watch all the Oscar Best Picture nominees. All I can say about it is, I watched it – so now you don’t have to, and you’re welcome.

Sure, there are some funny parts and plenty of cameos that’ll make you say, “Holy shit, he’s/she’s in this?” But does that mean it deserves to hang on the wall next to “Titanic,” “Schindler’s List,” or “Slumdog Millionaire”? Oh, hell no, it does not. It’s too long, meandering, and disjointed.

I feel guilty. I’m not used to reviewing movies, especially in a public forum where I’m not used to being critical. Like I need to say, you should still watch it. And that maybe you’ll see it differently than I did, and perhaps your life will transform into what you’d always dreamed it could be. I hope so. Please watch “Licorice Pizza” then. But not because it’ll be Best Picture but because it’ll fix all your problems.

Oh my. I need to go. Before I say something stupid. I’m going to miss you.

Thank you for hanging out with me, it’s been fun.


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