Come A Little Closer

Eh, or is it ay? Happy Family’s Day to all of the Canadian’s out there! It only took playing a bit of virtual poker this afternoon with someone from Toronto, otherwise known as a Torontonian, to clue me in on my border neighbor’s lovely holiday.

So I watched “Coda” like I said I would. And it’s really wonderful. I love movies set in little fishing towns in New England; the buildings with their weathered cedar-shake siding, the constantly blowing wind, and the spectacular views of the capes and wide-open ocean. It’s all eye candy to me.

“Coda” is such a touching story. It elicited a total of seven large wipe-away tears from me over two maybe three scenes. The character’s motivations and the lengths they go to create connection and community are something my mind enjoyed mulling over throughout the movie.

It’s a solid film, and I recommend you watch it. But it is not my pick to win Best Picture.

What is then? Who knows!

I suppose I need to watch some more movies. Maybe I’ll try the nominee “Licorice Pizza” next.

On another note, I spoke to my writing partner today. He and I have a standing date every Monday to discuss our projects, encourage each other, and mentally masturbate to anything and everything that has to do with writing.

I was once a closeted writer, embarrassed and tucking pages away in dark places left to collect dust.

But now I’m out and have no intention of going back into the closet, so I feel I have an obligation to the craft of writing. I see feedback and accountability as paramount to my success in this area today, so having a partner in crime through all the blood, sweat, and tears is definitely worth it.

Thank you, Joey.

Oh, and I have a spectacular thing to share with you! Remember when I mentioned my Grandma didn’t call to sing me happy birthday on my 40th and how bummed I was that it was the first year she’d forgotten? Well, I was mistaken.

She did call! I got around to checking my voicemails (more on my hating voicemail another day) and remembered my cousin told me she’d reminded Grandma to call, and she did so at like 9 pm on the evening of my big day.

I feel slightly silly about it all, but more than anything, I am delighted and touched to have been wrong. Because hearing that voicemail caused yet another tear to be shed today.

Well, that just about does it for me. I hope your day was a goodie; mine sure was!

Love you very much,

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