Seed Massacre

So how about those taxes? Am I right or am I right, boy do they suck!

I’d much rather be holding my breath to see whether the Russia Olympic Committee figure skater will land a triple toe loop than watch anxiously as the ticker of the Federal Tax amount due rises.

So to make myself feel better I made kettle corn for the second night in a row because, well, it’s kettle corn. But if you know anything about high heat and sugar, you know how similar it is to gambling.

I lost tonight, ending with unpopped and popped kernels solidified into mini sugar baseballs. Don’t worry though; I ate it anyway.

I’m hearing Oscar buzz out there. How about you? I haven’t, really, but a couple of friends threw out “Cora” as a need-to-see on our walk this morning. This then gave me the idea to try and watch as many of the nominees as I can. That way I can fill out a sweet sixteen bracket, and win, oh, wrong sport.

Uh, I might have gotten a little bit ahead of myself in planting vegetable seeds earlier today. My Dad even told me so on the phone, but I did I listen? Noooo. Why? Because I’m a garden rebel.

And what do garden rebels do? They plant seeds! Then, later at night, when snow falls and there is a light slush on the ground, they say, “Oh shit! I left my seeds outside.” Then stomp out in their husband’s boots to bring in the sad, sopping wet packets inside.

Now the seeds are laying snugly, drying on towels as I type. But who knows how their newly planted brothers and sisters will fare.

Gosh, I think that’s it. Maybe I will go watch a movie. It’s only 10:04pm and with no work tomorrow, and a snug couch and blanket calling my name I better take advantage. Coda it is!

Have a happy Monday.
Love ya!

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