Acting With Class

Don’t you love it when someone’s genuine? For me, it’s like an art form, the way one is able to speak to my softest bits and make me feel alive. Whereas everyone else will be talking about how Will Smith slapped Chris Rock across the face at the Oscars, I’m more interested in Lady GagaContinue reading “Acting With Class”

Reviewer Extraordinaire

Have I told you how much I love Buy Nothing, the Facebook group where people list items for free, and it’s all within your community? Well, I am now, and I’m here to say: I. Freaking. Love. It. So you know, we got our fancy toaster, guest room dresser, James Taylor concert tickets, toddler bed,Continue reading “Reviewer Extraordinaire”

Come A Little Closer

Eh, or is it ay? Happy Family’s Day to all of the Canadian’s out there! It only took playing a bit of virtual poker this afternoon with someone from Toronto, otherwise known as a Torontonian, to clue me in on my border neighbor’s lovely holiday. So I watched “Coda” like I said I would. AndContinue reading “Come A Little Closer”