The Tale of The Teeniest Rubber Chicken

Eyes sunk deep in their sockets, I trudge myself to work. Last night’s D&D session 11 pm, followed by writing and yoga, led to a late night for this sweet body of mine. I felt it, too, like a hangover. Still, when arriving at my office, snaking through its corners, and flipping on lights, IContinue reading “The Tale of The Teeniest Rubber Chicken”

Tree Fallin’

“I need to put water in my belly,” Evelyn said, hiccupping and running to find her glass. Remembering what my Mom used to do for me, yet unsure of its efficacy, I said, “Come on, let’s try a teaspoon full of sugar.” “Yes, sugar!” She shouted in delight. Sitting on Dave’s lap for a pre-bedtimeContinue reading “Tree Fallin’”

Self-Actualization: 101

In “What Dreams May Come,” Robin Williams’ character descends into the most profound depth of hell to retrieve his dead wife after she commits suicide. The story is unbelievably moving, so moving that today in session, just talking about it shook my body with chills and caused me to tear up.  I wonder, what makesContinue reading “Self-Actualization: 101”

She Works Hard When It’s Sunny

My dirty Huck Finn feet are outstretched and crossed over the top of each other as I take a break against the deck’s railing to write. My eyes lock-in and my mind creates boxes, and the to-be-fixed list grows. A deck board needs replacing; it caves and is nothing more than a sway-backed horse putContinue reading “She Works Hard When It’s Sunny”

Dance Magic

I’m still in disbelief over the progress between the mother and daughter I saw yesterday in session. I was so relieved and touched by their openness and vulnerability that I cried. Because just last week, they wouldn’t even look at each other. And after seeing their painful pattern of attacking and shutting down, I wasn’tContinue reading “Dance Magic”

Chitter Chatter

I’m fearful I’m going to fail the mother and daughter pair I am starting to work with. Mostly I’m afraid my emotions will steer the three of us straight into a concrete barrier. Which means I must bring all my self-care and soothing techniques to the big game. Deep breathing. Curiosity. Keep it light. IContinue reading “Chitter Chatter”

Lesson On Guilt

What’s the emotion you least like experiencing and why? Mine has always been guilt. I think it’s because guilt usually comes wrapped with fear and anxiety like bacon and cream cheese do in a jalapeno popper. Too much guilt is like weeds in a garden. A few are fine, but the more you have, theContinue reading “Lesson On Guilt”