Chitter Chatter

I’m fearful I’m going to fail the mother and daughter pair I am starting to work with.

Mostly I’m afraid my emotions will steer the three of us straight into a concrete barrier.

Which means I must bring all my self-care and soothing techniques to the big game.

Deep breathing. Curiosity. Keep it light. I got this.

I met Oran at the bar while waiting for my two friends for dinner. We exchanged numbers. This is pretty impressive because normally I wouldn’t exchange numbers with a rando at a hotel bar.

But Oran was different. He spoke of his wife as a queen, telling me of his plans to rent a castle in Scotland as a surprise for their tenth wedding anniversary.

At a certain point in the conversation I said, “Can we exchange numbers, I think you and your wife and me and my husband would have a good time.”

That they have two husky puppies and we have land, as well as a sociable and mature canine that will show them the ropes.

Anyway, up next is Esther Perel. Our tickets are in Row B. Although they’re a step behind Row A they’re a far cry from row double Z. Thanks Paul for the lovely gift!

I’ll fill you in on the deets of the talk tomorrow. Night!

Love, Jaclynn

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