Will You Catch Me

For eight months, I’ve navigated virtual counseling with a young client that showed up in person for the first time today. A Bath and Body Works scent hits my nose as we hug, “Well, don’t you smell good.” I say, pulling away to take in the real-life human standing before me. With the smirk, “Yeah,Continue reading “Will You Catch Me”

Chitter Chatter

I’m fearful I’m going to fail the mother and daughter pair I am starting to work with. Mostly I’m afraid my emotions will steer the three of us straight into a concrete barrier. Which means I must bring all my self-care and soothing techniques to the big game. Deep breathing. Curiosity. Keep it light. IContinue reading “Chitter Chatter”

Side Eye

How many recycled thoughts versus novel thoughts do I have in a day? I can’t know the answer, but I hope it leans toward the creative and one-of-a-kind side. Do you know what never gets old? The stars in the sky. Over the bright light of my laptop screen, Monster’s University, an animation, is playingContinue reading “Side Eye”

Going On 40

The blog’s name and website title will only be relevant for 11 more days. Isn’t that the case with so much going on in our lives; one day a thing is relevant and the next it’s not? My writing partner suggested I start a blog. Scratch that. He reminded me that I told him IContinue reading “Going On 40”