Side Eye

How many recycled thoughts versus novel thoughts do I have in a day? I can’t know the answer, but I hope it leans toward the creative and one-of-a-kind side.

Do you know what never gets old? The stars in the sky.

Over the bright light of my laptop screen, Monster’s University, an animation, is playing on the video projector in my living room. The scene is of a brilliant starry night. My brain interprets it as accurate, giving me an awe-inspired feeling in my chest that I’m beneath real stars.

Coming from a history with journaling, I’m not comfortable with someone else reading my thoughts.

Then why blog, you might ask.

Well, I suppose it’s because comfort isn’t my goal. But also, the benefit I get from being open, honest, and vulnerable with an audience has been both highly exhilarating and rewarding.

So I had a moment with my new pet duck earlier, and it came as a surprise.

Sitting on the driveway’s edge, close to his pen, I relaxed after repotting a plant and mowing. Sue T. Bird waddled by casually, but his eyes were continually on me. He shuffled forward, then turned and walked towards me. Little by little, until he was no more than a foot away. I slowly pivoted to lay down, propping my chin on hitched elbows.

I lay and he sat. From this angle, his snow-white head contrasted with the dark green cedar tree backdrop which made me wish for a camera and that I was a professional photographer of ducks.

Funny to have such a peaceful and intimate connection with a duck.

That’s it for me tonight. There’s enough time to try a new tv show on for size. Talk to you tomorrow.


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