Hip, No Ties

The way a tear reflects a ray of sun. The sway of us when we kiss in the kitchen. I’m not a believer in much of anything, but the beauty that exists between you and me.

The rational mind is strong, but the creative mind is powerful.

I hold a marble in my hand and drape it away from me, off the bed. I’m lying down awaiting sleep. As my mind and body burrows in, I edge and slide further towards it which causes my hand to loosen.

I dance this way a bit; conscious of my grip, while slipping into unconsciousness.

At the ping of the glass hitting the wood floor, I wake. It’s the moment just before that interests me. Of the ethereal, dream-like nature of it – of a land that involves tip-toeing up imaginary staircases and endless blissful feelings.

Once upon a time while clicking on random links to learn techniques for sparking creativity I found the one above. It’s by far the coolest (and most natural) one I’ve encountered. Plus, it’s something Thomas Edison also practiced.

Try it. https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/sleep-creativity-thom

I like it when all sense falls away and what remains is just a heartbeat. Strong and true.

Oh, and you.


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