Ready, Set, Grow!

What’s next for this blog in 2023? I don’t know. And I can’t say because a song from “Frozen” is stuck in my head, specifically a part when Anna sings, “I get the feeling you don’t know. Arendelle’s in deep, deep snow.” Is this my unconscious backstroking in the joy from forming snowballs and seeingContinue reading “Ready, Set, Grow!”

Counseling 911

During my internship, I sat with a woman whose anger in the session was visceral; body trembling, mouth spitting, and laser-cutting eyes. I didn’t like her, as she blamed everyone else for her problems. This time it was her kid’s fault that she’d pressed the gas pedal too hard, leading to her ultimately getting a speeding ticket.  I’dContinue reading “Counseling 911”

Final Thoughts

Suicide notes, one of the final actions of a person’s life, have always interested me. I recently found a study that analyzed 23 suicide notes with the goal of adding to the literature on suicide prevention. The results showed that over 80% of the notes included shame, guilt, or an apology in their contents. WhichContinue reading “Final Thoughts”