Ready, Set, Grow!

What’s next for this blog in 2023?

I don’t know. And I can’t say because a song from “Frozen” is stuck in my head, specifically a part when Anna sings, “I get the feeling you don’t know. Arendelle’s in deep, deep snow.”

Is this my unconscious backstroking in the joy from forming snowballs and seeing the first soft flakes stick on the ground this morning

Probably. I digress.

I want to take my writing more seriously. I want to take myself more seriously as a writer. 

But how?

Do I stare at the words real hard until a little toot comes out? Probably not. I will google i— Wait! 

I need to develop these things independently if I plan on acting like a serious writer.

  1. No more doubting your writing. Whenever you feel insecure, drop down and do five push-ups.
  2. Higher daily word content goals. Upping your writing content will ensure little space for the inner critic’s distractions while showing you’re prioritizing the craft.
  3. Share your work. Find pieces you’ve already written that inspire and speak to you. Doing so will normalize and encourage the skill of self-promotion.
  4. Re-commit to writing your book (or other important writing projects). Develop small, actionable steps for yourself weekly. 

Kicking off the amateur crutches is scary but, at the same time, necessary. Since development is an ongoing process, we must continually expand our reach to continue to grow. 

Success feels all the sweeter when the bar we reach is one we didn’t think we could. Get comfortable with pushing yourself a little past comfort.

Let’s get to it. Love, Jaclynn

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