Oh, Behave!

I woke from the most fantastic Groundhog Day-like dream. In it, I kept bumping into someone that made me feel weak in the knees, and just like the perfect Hallmark movie they were smitten too. And then it repeated. Weak in the knees. And smitten.

Waking this way produced an Austin Power’s “Yeah, baby” vibe in me. The kind of headspace where I wish I would continually find myself.

Is it too early for Christmas decorating on November 28th?
Too late, we did it anyway.

On the tree are several handmade decorations including a cross-stitched snowman with “Evelyn’s 1st Christmas” written on it, and a bear balancing a basketball with 1999 done by a girl from my high school basketball team. And then there’s my favorite – not handmade – of Charlie Brown going to Lucy for 5-cent psychiatric help.

My first-ever parent-teacher conference is in the bag. Evelyn is the teacher’s “perfect Montessori child,” and if she could, she would “broadcast her to the world.”

Hearing how well Evelyn accomplishes cleaning up and transitions was fantastic, so Dave and I are upping our communication skills and expectations to improve her success at home.

I am in a tough spot with the rooster. He keeps attacking Evelyn. He hasn’t broken the skin yet, but her ongoing fear of him isn’t ok. I want to cut off his head, but I’m hesitant. I’ve never cut off an animal’s head. What if I leave him mangled but alive? That his attacks are infrequent I can’t justify killing him yet. Hopefully, the little a-hole gets taken, he is up for free on Craiglist.

Well, that’s my time here for the night. See you tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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