Teach Your Children

I’m listening to Crosby, Stills & Nash, and their album’s art has pulled me in. It’s the three of them, long-haired and ankle-high pointy-tipped boots. It’s a classic shot, like the Beatles walking on Abby Road.  Nash is up the couch’s back with elbows resting on his knees. Stills’ ankle is propped on his kneeContinue reading “Teach Your Children”

Reviewer Extraordinaire

Have I told you how much I love Buy Nothing, the Facebook group where people list items for free, and it’s all within your community? Well, I am now, and I’m here to say: I. Freaking. Love. It. So you know, we got our fancy toaster, guest room dresser, James Taylor concert tickets, toddler bed,Continue reading “Reviewer Extraordinaire”

Butterfly In The Sky

Needing an electrician for the parking lot of the building I work, the owner asked me if I knew anyone. “My Uncle,” I told him. Seeing someone I’m so fond of at my work both yesterday and today was lovely, even if he was 11-feet up on a ladder and relegated to the back parkingContinue reading “Butterfly In The Sky”

Hate Me Today

“I Hope You’re Happy” is playing on the record player. It’s a newer album, put out by the band Blue October, and my mind is awhirl with thoughts of the past. On a gum stick-sized Mp3 player close to 20 years ago, Blue October’s music played non-stop in my ears on hikes up Manastash Ridge,Continue reading “Hate Me Today”