Death Becomes Us

A bee-hive sensation swarms my chest, and I wish to swat it away. I’m scared I’m missing something in a young client’s eating disorder diagnosis. It feels – rather is – excessive, and the more I learn about the specialist’s treatment approach I doubt it’s what the client’s needing. The judgment call is mine inContinue reading “Death Becomes Us”

Boss Stage Healing

At recess in 5th, maybe 6th grade, I used to jump rope double-dutch. If you’ve never held your hands up to catch the rhythm of the ropes, rushed into the eye of the slapping lasso, stutter-stepped until panting, then raced out to survive the whip of the cord, you’ve missed quite a thrill, as wellContinue reading “Boss Stage Healing”

Flat You, Lance

I’m bored, like excruciatingly, nails running down a chalkboard bored. And I have no clue what I want to write. Maybe it’s what’s happening in Ukraine that’s causing me to feel down. Or perhaps it’s the impact of the death of our friend. Or maybe it’s both of these, along the impending responsibility of whenContinue reading “Flat You, Lance”

Butterfly In The Sky

Needing an electrician for the parking lot of the building I work, the owner asked me if I knew anyone. “My Uncle,” I told him. Seeing someone I’m so fond of at my work both yesterday and today was lovely, even if he was 11-feet up on a ladder and relegated to the back parkingContinue reading “Butterfly In The Sky”