A Newish You

Creating a new persona is a tip I learned on an episode of “Accelerated Spanish” podcast. This alter ego is supposed to think, speak, and behave in a different way than you usually would, and the podcast creator insists switching personalities this way is a tool native speakers use to be highly effective. I thought,Continue reading “A Newish You”

“I Don’t Remember” Exercise

I don’t remember how he picked up his feet when he walked or whether his burgundy woolen slippers skimmed the ground or if they left it with room to spare. I don’t remember the kind of cup he poured his box of red wine Franzia into. I’d surely remember if it was a proper stemmedContinue reading ““I Don’t Remember” Exercise”

I Am The Walrus

Do you know about the unreliable narrator?  IT MESSED WITH MY MIND when I first learned about it; in my eyes, it was outright wrong for a writer to be intentionally deceitful.  I naively expected writers to be the most honest reporters ever. So when I started a book myself I expected to remember, verbatim,Continue reading “I Am The Walrus”

A Gentle Ride

There’s a leaf; it looks like a moth, feet gripping to the side of a cedar. March’s chill reminds me still that it’s fall, not spring. I take a breath, a long and heavy breath, to release my previous session. I reset and forget and feel the comfort of my bed from underneath me. TheContinue reading “A Gentle Ride”

Stick With It

My mother’s memory shook her disapproving head at the amount of shampoo I placed on my hand and lathered into my hair moments ago. Were you also taught not to be wasteful in specific areas of the household? It’s funny how those tidbits stick with you. And how, even though I’m a million light-years awayContinue reading “Stick With It”

Virtual Insanity

You don’t want to write right now. The thought puts its arm around my shoulder, all buddy-buddy-like, pushing me to do anything but open my laptop. I prefer to put the two-plus hours in the passenger seat to good use, but the thought is onto something, so blankly, I stare out the window at theContinue reading “Virtual Insanity”