Namby Pamby: A Poem

I write out of spite, not delight. A kite? I’d fly it to the stars. Or Mars. It’s up to the string—a thing that certainly would knot. Or not. A pig pile of stuffed animals wrastled for the pyramid’s top. Stop—nothing to see here. Listen close. The drip of rain, it’ll stain. But only ifContinue reading “Namby Pamby: A Poem”

Maria Maria

A thousand tries, cries, and wondering whys.The night shift clocks out earlyno one goes home.Under the sun is a world.That glimpses the shimmering fairy.And a light feeling tickles the toes.Candle wax is melted and stamped.An invitation is hand-delivered.Then a gentle knock. The door opens.An amber light glows, and energy flows.Then a Voice comes:“It wasn’t allContinue reading “Maria Maria”

Writing Exercise: The Mirror

The writing exercise for last week asked me to look in the mirror for ten minutes. If this also isn’t in your comfort zone, you can empathize with my wanting to avoid it at all costs. But for the sake of the word, that is my god I dutifully abided. If you’re interested in playingContinue reading “Writing Exercise: The Mirror”

Self-Actualization: 101

In “What Dreams May Come,” Robin Williams’ character descends into the most profound depth of hell to retrieve his dead wife after she commits suicide. The story is unbelievably moving, so moving that today in session, just talking about it shook my body with chills and caused me to tear up.  I wonder, what makesContinue reading “Self-Actualization: 101”

The Door: A Writing Exercise

The following is a writing exercise that involves making a new poem or story from a combination of adream-state and a prompted imagination using a method somewhat like self-hypnosis. A link to the exercise is above. The door is nothing special, except for the vibrance of its blue color. With painter’s tape, I’d lined itsContinue reading “The Door: A Writing Exercise”

Teach Your Children

I’m listening to Crosby, Stills & Nash, and their album’s art has pulled me in. It’s the three of them, long-haired and ankle-high pointy-tipped boots. It’s a classic shot, like the Beatles walking on Abby Road.  Nash is up the couch’s back with elbows resting on his knees. Stills’ ankle is propped on his kneeContinue reading “Teach Your Children”

A Gentle Ride

There’s a leaf; it looks like a moth, feet gripping to the side of a cedar. March’s chill reminds me still that it’s fall, not spring. I take a breath, a long and heavy breath, to release my previous session. I reset and forget and feel the comfort of my bed from underneath me. TheContinue reading “A Gentle Ride”