Chicken Potty Pie

I’m going to tell on myself: When scrubbing chicken poop off the outdoor furniture this morning, I thought, “I am better than her,” while playing a girlfriend’s behavior in my mind’s eye. You heard me right, chicken poop. That dang domesticated rooster is at the point he mosies in the front and back door likeContinue reading “Chicken Potty Pie”

Self-Actualization: 101

In “What Dreams May Come,” Robin Williams’ character descends into the most profound depth of hell to retrieve his dead wife after she commits suicide. The story is unbelievably moving, so moving that today in session, just talking about it shook my body with chills and caused me to tear up.  I wonder, what makesContinue reading “Self-Actualization: 101”

Smitten To Listen

Do you know the older radios where twisting the dial tunes in the station? I think relationships are like that; in that, you need to tune your listening and empathy skills to the different frequencies of a person in order to meet their needs. As a counselor, I know this to be accurate, as IContinue reading “Smitten To Listen”

Will You Catch Me

For eight months, I’ve navigated virtual counseling with a young client that showed up in person for the first time today. A Bath and Body Works scent hits my nose as we hug, “Well, don’t you smell good.” I say, pulling away to take in the real-life human standing before me. With the smirk, “Yeah,Continue reading “Will You Catch Me”

Your Mama Don’t Dance

“I’m going to take Evelyn and go.” Is all I heard my husband say. Even though it would be just to the playground – that’s not how it felt. Tears followed, and I took my dinner plate silently to the sink and headed upstairs. Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, I struggled for breathContinue reading “Your Mama Don’t Dance”

Dance Magic

I’m still in disbelief over the progress between the mother and daughter I saw yesterday in session. I was so relieved and touched by their openness and vulnerability that I cried. Because just last week, they wouldn’t even look at each other. And after seeing their painful pattern of attacking and shutting down, I wasn’tContinue reading “Dance Magic”

Only The Lonely

We long for closeness and attachment in spite of our fears and insecurities about doing so. They lurk inside us – buying their time – until they strike and grab hold of us as suddenly as an alligator on its prey. I shared a concern with a client today; that they were coming to sessionsContinue reading “Only The Lonely”

Dill Dohs

What if I were writing this just for me? When writing my nightly blog, I dream of going off the rails, into the great beyond of absurdity and obscurity to never return. “Everyone Everywhere All At Once” is just that, and is my new favorite movie. Hot dog fingers and dildo fighting along with aContinue reading “Dill Dohs”