Pride Month

I click x, x, x, x, x and breathe a huge sigh as my body relaxes beneath me. There’s nothing better than closing down all the completed and unused browsing tabs so that nothing remains.

Now it’s just me and a blank page and I feel like a kid at the final bell of the last day of school – Free.

I’d like to talk about my marriage. So far in my posts Dave’s been like Robin to Batman, a lovely sidekick I interact with and someone I am close to, but there hasn’t been much more to the story.

So first, it took 36 years of me spinning on this ball of rock and careening through space to find this man. And every part of me is grateful I did.

From day one, Dave’s love for various artists and new music infused my life with a “what’s next” and “this is exciting” kind of attitude. His passion is like a strong body odor scent; get it close enough to you and you’ll smell like it too.

His devotion to family and friends is another thing. It’s like being around an inspiring teacher; their commitment and care only serve to make you better a person.

And his kind heart. With him it feels like fresh air coming in open windows, warm food cooking in the oven, a dog resting at your feet, and a child sleeping soundly in the room next door. He’s home, and it feels nice.

So, that’s Dave.

And last but not least, I have to say that Kung Pow Meow won my heart at the drag show I went to today with my best friend Kirsten. Flawless makeup, a badass silicon breast corset, and dresses that accentuated her curvy body made her dance and lip-synching numbers something to keep the camera shutter clicking.

That’s all, see you tomorrow. Night, night.


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