Come On Over

Resting on the wrist as I write is a scraggly toddler chicken. Its ability to balance on slim ledges would impress, uh, well, something that balances well.

I had a playdate with the chick and the duck; it did not go well. Good thing my judo chop arm was ready and a slice in the air was all that was needed to keep Sue duck back. Had I not been moderating Two (named by Evelyn) he/she would have gotten a sharp bill stab to his/her petite body.

I keep correcting myself, “Shit! She,” whenever I call the still non-sexed bird he. It’s sheer will alone that determines sex, right?

In the madness of the raging rainstorm this weekend, the cottonwood trees dropped their peapod-like seeds. I imagine all the local allergy sufferers celebrated this event as though their team won the Superbowl.

I don’t want all the pain and suffering of allergies, but I sure do like to sneeze. 

Speaking of sneezing…

Did you know twenty-five percent of people automatically sneeze when they see a bright light? **Guilty**

And how about that iguanas are the sneeziest animal? It’s how they blow out excess salt from the food they eat. Cool, huh?

I think you should come over to my house. The lawn is mowed, the entryway is free of shoes thanks to Dave’s newly built shoe rack in the closet, and I’m feeling hostessy. 

For right now, anyway. 

Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow. Well, I’ll tell you then.  


PS The post’s photo is of Two, and the white blog in the background is of sleeping duck, Sue. This playdate went much better than the last.

2 thoughts on “Come On Over

  1. Darn it, I dont see a photo of 2 & Sue…

    And I love the post about Dave, he is everything you described – and more! 😍

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