Tangly Thread

As I type, a friend is being transferred from Valley Medical Center to Overlake for bypass surgery.

He is scared and mad and feels betrayed by his body. I spoke with him 15 minutes before the ambulance ride, and he enjoyed hearing Evelyn’s giggle in the background and my telling him about her nudity, orange-dyed, spaghetti sauce face, and matching red hair.

What a precious fragility there is to our lives.

Aren’t we all such incredible foot soldiers, on the front lines fighting the good fight? I think so, and am proud of us.

I also have to say; I am touched and humbled by the transformations of people I counsel. For you or me, coming to an appointment might not be that big of a deal. But for others, getting out of bed can be a risk.

And an update for you on the duckling situation. After not hearing back, I wrote a different lady about Muscovy ducklings. It’s another situation of not knowing their sex yet, but she’s hoping to tell by their feet size.

We’ll see. Night, night. Love, Jaclynn

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