Self-Actualization: 101

In “What Dreams May Come,” Robin Williams’ character descends into the most profound depth of hell to retrieve his dead wife after she commits suicide. The story is unbelievably moving, so moving that today in session, just talking about it shook my body with chills and caused me to tear up. 

I wonder, what makes this movie so earth-shattering that in its wake, I am left speechless, inspired, and changed?

I believe it has something to do with the unquantifiable desire, capacity, and capability human beings have to change and help those around them. 

I’ve heard it referred to as an I-Thou relationship. And in searching for the defining qualities of the term, I whole-heartedly believe it is true. 

Thou refers to the presence of uniqueness and wholeness that is the outcome of genuine listening and responding. The I –Thou relationship is two-sided when both individuals enter into the conversation with their unique whole being. The relationship is reciprocal, yielding, momentary, leads to clarity, and lacks permanency. I –Thou establishes a world of relationships and is always in the present, that which is happening.”

By engaging in relationships with our whole selves, connection and bonding become a catalyst to self-actualization.

In addition, this can lead to interpersonal growth in previously impossible areas.

It’s good to have you here today.

Love, Jaclynn

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