Writing Exercise: The Mirror

The writing exercise for last week asked me to look in the mirror for ten minutes. If this also isn’t in your comfort zone, you can empathize with my wanting to avoid it at all costs. But for the sake of the word, that is my god I dutifully abided.

If you’re interested in playing along at home, the exercise also asks you to list objects around the room. Then, these takeaways, coupled with the findings from the mirror exercise, are fodder for magical prose bestowed on you by the writing gods.

Prepare to be amazed.  

There is an over-sized Starbucks coffee cup with San Franciscan imagery on it. She has no connection to it other than its look. A gift from a friend of a friend, nothing more. Nothing less. She’s tired yet alive. Above her eyelid is an unnoticed line of her age, a tally of the passage of time. The collected plants, aliving and thriving, show her dependability. An opened puzzle box of pieces has yet to make it to the table but she isn’t yet ready to confront. A new notepad, her handwriting in turquoise and black, both neat and messy with tasks that are done and undone, shows the ways she’s on it but also the ways she’s not. With un-tweezed brows and a darkened spot on her face, there’s a heaviness there she can’t place.

I took a client on an emotional white water rafting ride through her emotions. Wild and meandering, the session took us through all the color wheel of states. Then at sign-off, she said, “Feel you next time.” 

Which is pretty badass, right? 

Feel you next time. Love, Jaclynn 

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